Parent Testimonials

I feel fortunate to have my children at Fairyland Daycare for so many reasons. The facility is wonderful, including a backyard for outside time, a peaceful napping area, developmentally appropriate toys, and a special area just for infants...  It is wonderful to pick my children up at the end of the day and know that they were not just one of many children in a large daycare center, but instead they received personal and loving care at Fairyland Daycare.

      - VH

We have had our children in several daycare facilities over the years, but none have compared to Fairyland Daycare. Our children receive personalized attention, they are stimulated and prepared for school, and they are taught good manners. Our children are genuinely loved by the staff and they enjoy their time spent there. They are always active and learning, and I love that there isn't a TV in the daycare. In my opinion, Fairyland Daycare is by far the best daycare anywhere.

      - MW

We are constantly amazed with the care we get at Fairyland Day Care! Ms. Ilse is always very welcoming and full of smiles. The atmosphere is very upbeat and nurturing. She strives to know each child's needs and works very hard to ensure they are challenged and cared for. We feel they are a part of our extend family. I am so thankful we were able to find Fairyland and have great confidence in our child care. I would recommend it to anyone!

      - SH

Finding Fairyland Day Care was our dream come true. Knowing that my children are in a safe, fun, and clean place to learn makes it a lot easier to go to work. I have seen a difference in my daughters capabilities and vocabulary in just months of being enrolled. My infant squeals with delight to see the teachers every morning. I trust all the staff, and am amazed with the ideas that they have to teach the kids.The waitlist was definitely worth the wait. Mom of two fairy children.

      - AS

As we were searching for daycare for our daughter I was becoming discouraged, frustrated and scared that I would have to settle for a place where the children watched TV all day, where foul odors filled the air, and where I didn't feel my child would be safe. Our last stop was Fairyland Daycare and it was a wonderful experience. Since enrolling our daughter, i have been continually amazed at the wonderful care we are able to place her in every week. Fairyland Daycare is a clean, safe environment that provides appropriate education, and a nurturing place for my daughter to grow and enjoy childhood. Miss Ilse and her staff is organized, certified and genuinely loving to each of the children. I appreciate the gem we found in Fairyland Daycare.

      - AL


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